Restaurants and Menus

Some of Montreal’s coolest and most acclaimed chefs and restaurants will be on hand, serving up dishes that define their ethos. As always, the season’s finest oysters will be handpicked by the Old Port Fishing Company and expertly opened by the hottest shuckers in the city. Come try a vast variety of amazing oysters ranging from Savage Blondes and Raspberry Points from the shores of P.E.I. to Harty Oysters from the coast of Ireland!

This year, Oysterfest will welcome the following gastronomic giants:


La Betise 
Tartare de Saumon Bêtise: saumon, mayo épicé, tomates, échalotes, caviar, avocat, sauce aux agrumes
Bouchée bouche-bée au crabe: crabe d’alaska, goberge, cheddar, oignon rouge, échalotte et mayo épicé
Salade de pieuvre: Wakame, riz sauvage, fève de soya germé,pieuvre, sauce aux agrumes

Huîtres Bêtise (3): Huître, sauce soy, wasabi, échalotes, caviar, oeuf de caille et oignon frit
Gros plateau de fruit de mer: Tartare de Saumon, bouchée de crabe (4), salade de pieuvre, Huîtres Bêtise (4)


Kinka Family
Age Gyoza: 
boulettes de pâte au porc frites avec sauce épicé. deep-fried pork dumplings w/ spicy chili sauce

Spicy Garlic Ramen: soupe aux nouilles ramen dans bouillon de porc épicé servis avec fèves germées, l’ail râpé, oignons verts, et porc. ramen noodle soup in spicy pork broth topped w/ beansprouts, grated garlic, scallions and pork
calmar frit avec ketchup épicée et mayonnaise au wasabi. deep-fried calamari w/ spicy ketchup & wasabi mayo

Takoyaki: boulettes de pieuvres frits à la sauce tonkatsu et mayonnaise karashi. deep-fried octopus balls w/ tonkatsu sauce & mayo
Ramune: $3 (Japanese marble soda, original KINKA branded)
Lemonade – $3 (Homemade Japanese-style lemonade)



Restaurant Emiliano’s
Habanero-Pepper crusted salmon tataki
with coriander lime mayo, crispy julien tortilla, micro arugula salad
White fish sashimi
with mexcian onion salsa, slice cherry tomatoes, shallot tempura rings, micro coriander salad

Del muelle fish tacos: jalapeno-lime mayo, roasted cipollini, lettuce


Club Ryu

Scallop or Salmon Handroll
Salmon Poke


Burger Bar
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Tomahawk group
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Pub St Pierre
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Burrito Shop
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