Montreal Amateur Shucking Competition
Rookies With Knives

Top 2 contestants from this competition will compete in the Montreal Oysterfest Championship

Montreal Oysterfest Championships

Winner will walk away with a cash prize and our famous Montreal Oysterfest Trophy

bishop and bagg Presents

Oysterfset Made with Booze Royal Rumble

The cities top mixologists compete in this secret ingredient cocktail making challenge

“FROM SCRATCH” Bloody Ceasar Competition

The cities top mixologists mix up their tastiest and most version  creative version of Canada’s favourite cocktail: The Ceasar

Seafood Plating Competition

Oysterfest meets Iron Chef: Montreal’s Top Chefs create spectacular plates with the freshest of seafood and secret baskets of ingredients.  These stunning platters are then auctioned off with proceeds going to the charity of their choice!